Two new singles were released for the upcoming Cd titled "Im Movin On" the new releases are already playing all around the globe reaching the top 20 charts. Sweet Perfume and Midnight Rain are smooth songs. They can be found on, and other digital formats.

The Major Chord

Eddie Berg – Generations From The Heart 

eddieberg1  Eddie Berg’s latest cd titled Generations From The Heart is that rare album that begs for good weather to come so you can listen to it in the car blasting with the windows rolled down.

I have been listening to this enjoyable cd since Ed sent it to me the other day. If it was vinyl, I’d have to get another copy. The title tune, Generations From the Heart, is a good feeling romp that has a hook that grabs you and won’t let go. I’ve been humming it for days.

The album opens up with my favorite - Carston Street. When I first played the cd, I thought Ed had morphed into John Klemmer because this tune sounds like it could be from Klemmer’s Barefoot Ballet.

Ed plays Sax Dakota saxophones. They are wonderful instruments and in Ed’s hands, they sound big and full. Not only do they sound great, but we all know how beautiful they are.

I’m looking forward to hearing a lot more from Ed in the future.

You can purchase it at cdbaby. I hope you do.